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Not all relationships are definable in the usual way, that’s for sure. We wind up getting ourselves into very tight boxes due to the fact that everyone has these super-strict ideas about WHAT things are. What a “marriage” means. What a “long-term” relationship means. What an “open” relationship means. It’s really all just names and words. The key is to come to an understanding with yourself and your lovers/partners/friends. And everyone else can judge all they want, but the thing you construct is not up to them to name.Amanda Palmer (via navdi)

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but always trying.
That moment when the Universe confirms that all of your past decisions have been good ones.


Feels damn good.


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Salem and i connect on a spiritual level

Love isn’t just about feeling sure of the other person, knowing what he would give up for you. It’s knowing with certainty what you are willing to surrender for his sake. Make no mistake; each partner gives up something. Individual dreams are surrendered for a shared one. — Robin Hobb, The Mad Ship (via council)

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